• MaxNourish

100 capsules: Organic multi-nutrient superfood supplement

Alkalising Antioxidants Heart health Immunity Omega oils Skin, hair and nails

Product summary

MaxNourish is a comprehensive, 100% organic whole food supplement, with some of the most nutrient-dense ingredients that nature has to offer.

Based on a formula by master herbalist, Dr. John R. Christopher, with the addition of some other potent superfoods, superfruits and herbs, it is an all-round multi-vitamin and multi-mineral blend in easy-to-take capsules - no poorly-absorbed synthetic vitamins and minerals.

The broad-spectrum nutrients (which include phyto-chemicals, enzymes, dietary fibre, beneficial oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) are easily absorbed and used by the body, as they are in their natural food form and balanced state.

MaxNourish benefits

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